Weinberg & Hromadka, PLLC is a Montana law office committed to providing innovative and transparent legal services that helps to improve access to Montana's civil justice system.  As a private public interest law firm, a significant portion of our work is dedicated to matters that seek to have a positive social, environmental, and economic impact on communities across Montana.


We focus on assisting clients with a myriad of legal issues, but emphasize those relevant to, and with the goal of promoting, sustainable land use development, responsive government, and the protection of individual and property rights. In addition, we represent individuals, businesses and non-profit entities in all of their legal needs, ranging from contract drafting and review to employment disputes to mergers and acquisitions. We prioritize communication and quality representation over the traditional, expensive law firm model to make our practice as streamlined as possible so that we can efficiently and effectively provide our clients with excellent legal services. 




Our land use practice works with clients dealing with a governmental unit or agency in Montana in connection with  land development. We can help guide concerned citizens, including property owners and nonprofit associations, through Montana's complex legal land use framework.  In our state and local government practice, we represent private businesses and individuals in their dealings and disputes with government entities.  We can assist with numerous matters, including questions regarding your right to participate and access public documents under Montana law.



We represent businesses and nonprofits in the full range of their legal needs. We have extensive experience in transactions affecting entities from startups to established business and nonprofit entities.  Our attorneys have the skill and experience to identify and address critical issues from day-to-day operations, management and a myriad of issues that arise in today's multifaceted market. From business formation to contract drafting, review and negotiation, employment disputes, IP needs, or website terms of use - just to name a few of our services - we offer the full scope of entity representation.


Our firm is dedicated to helping our clients obtain justice and the compensation they deserve when legal disputes arise and cause personal injury or property damage.  Our practice also focuses on damages that arise when unauthorized government action results in unlawful discrimination, the taking of private property, the failure to provide due process or equal protection, and other civil rights violations under the Montana or United States Constitution.  

Real Estate & Water Law

Our firm's extensive knowledge covers the complexities involved in commercial and residential leasing and sales; water rights; conservation easements; planned unit development documents, including HOA bylaws, covenants and enforcement procedures. In addition, our attorneys assist clients with access, title and property disputes. Our attorneys have experience litigating real estate purchase contracts, liens, foreclosures, boundary disputes, easements, water right disputes and landlord/tenant disputes.